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A First Time Buyers Guide to Ordering Concrete

Concrete is an essential material in the construction industry. We provide skip hire & waste removal services to a number of local businesses and tradesmen who work with concrete everyday. In fact, after water, concrete is the most widely used substance on the planet. However, for those ordering concrete for the first time, there is a lot to get your head around. 


Concrete comes in a number of different forms, and can be delivered in different ways. But what is the best way to order concrete? And what do you need to know before ordering it? Check out our guide to ordering concrete below, written in partnership with our sister company Oxfordshire Concrete Ltd.  


Finding the Right Supplier


It is important not to try and cut corners when it comes to ordering high quality concrete. It is a fundamental component of every construction project, and needs to be treated as such. Seek out a supplier with a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. Also find a company that are local, this will help you cut down on the hauling costs and reduce the chances of delays due to traffic. 


What is the Concrete Being Used For? 


Concrete is extremely versatile and can be used for many different purposes. If you are ordering concrete for the first time, we would recommend communicating clearly with your concrete supplier as to what you will be using it for. As the experts, they should be able to help you find the right mix of ingredients for your specific needs. 


Carry out some research around your project type, as this will determine features such as the density of the concrete needed. As an example, concrete designed for a car park would be much denser than concrete designed for a footpath. You might even require additional ingredients such as integral colours or decorative aggregates. 


How Much Concrete Do You Need? 


Concrete is typically sold in cubic meters. Your supplier should be able to help you work out how much concrete you need based on the dimensions of your project. In order to allow yourself a little margin for error, it is recommended that you should always order 5% more than you require. 


If ordering volumetric concrete, it can be mixed on site and you will only be required to pay for the exact amount that you use. 


Curing Time 


You will also need to plan ahead for the curing time. You can expect concrete to be reasonably set within 24-48 hours of laying it. This will be enough that your children will not leave footprints on your brand new driveway, but it will not be ready for heavy vehicles to be driven over it. For this, it may need to be left a full 28 days. 

Ordering concrete may seem complicated at first, but with the right supplier and a bit of forward planning, everything should fit in to place. Hopefully our buyers guide above has answered some of your burning questions. If you are looking for a concrete supplier in Oxfordshire, we recommend the fantastic and highly reputable Oxfordshire Concrete Ltd.

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